Looking Forward To The iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy SV

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Tech geeks are an impatient bunch. Before a year is completed with their current smartphones – which they most probably eagerly looked forward to – they’re anticipating the next major release, the next “next big thing”. In this sense there are two next big things that will soon be with us: the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy SV. Since Apple and Samsung have for the past few years been locked in a gripping tug-of-war for the market’s fabled smartphone of the year crowns, anticipating who will win next year’s battle – if there even is a clear winner – makes for an entertaining pastime for tech geeks. Here is a look forward to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy SV.


Samsung have consistently won the design battle against Apple in regards to the Galaxy smartphones and iPhones. While the designs of both impending smartphones are yet to be released or even developed, it is clear that Apple have more work to do in order to pull something innovative out of the bag.

Complaints about the iPhone lacking any significant change in design direction were rife when the iPhone 5 was introduced to the public. The pressure is therefore on Apple to produce something completely innovative and different, while keeping hold of the iPhone’s essence.

Since the Galaxy series’ essence looks better than that of the iPhone, it will be easier for Samsung to produce a chic and innovative design without losing its character.


Of course, as important as design is, it doesn’t make the tech world go round. Specs on the other hand, make our planet spin. There are rumours that the Galaxy SV will feature a 5.3-inch OLED YOUM flexible display, an Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, 2Ghz Exynos, 3GB RAM, 16MP and 2MP cameras, oloephobic display coating, a 3200mAh battery and aluminum unibody.

However rumours are simply rumours, and there has also been talk of the Galaxy SV coming with the new Titan OS.

The iPhone 6 on the other hand is rumoured to be no longer than 4.5-inches, with Apple preparing to introduce a larger 6-inched phablet. The fingerprint scanner feature introduced in the 5S will most probably be developed further in the iPhone 6, which would be intriguing. The most intriguing and mouthwatering rumour however, and the one we most sincerely hope manifests into a feature is that of a wraparound AMOLED screen with 3D.

The relationship graphics and the entertainment we gain from devices is clearly fundamental. One only needs to look at the success of www.Visopix.com and the emphasis they put on the graphics of their products to understand this. Thus, it is here that a key part of the Galaxy SV versus iPhone 6 battle will take place.

Let The Battle Soon Commence
It is certainly true that Apple have their backs to the wall in regards to the Galaxy SV and iPhone 6 battle. Of all the Samsung vs Apple battles, this one seems to be the most significant and the one that could make or break either company’s market dominance and respect.

The tech world is an unforgiving one. A single major smartphone flop can ruin a brand and if the iPhone or Galaxy fails to impress next year, you can be sure to expect a large number of fans adopting a new favourite smartphone from a rival brand.

The design and specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be like the concept shown above, it could come featuring a 5.3-inch OLED YOUM flexible display, 2Ghz Exynos 5 Octa core processor, Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, 16MP and 2MP camera, 3GB RAM, oloephobic coating on the display, aluminium unibody just like the HTC One, as well as coming with quad surround speakers, glowing touch sensor home button and 3200mAh battery.
There are so many options Samsung could gear towards, one question stick out in our mind and that is “Should the Samsung Galaxy S5 come with Android 4.4 KitKat or the new Tizen OS?” It has been said the S5 could get released as early as Q1 2014; we will be keeping a close eye on this.
The iPhone 5S released with many new features with one of them being a fingerprint scanner, some say this is just a gimmick whilst others love it. The 5S also comes with a 64-bit processor but with the same iPhone 5 design. Apple really needs to lock themselves in a room and look at new ways to be innovative; the design most definitely needs to change. Apple should release two versions of the iPhone 6, they released the 5S and 5C so there is room for two new iPhone 6 smartphones.
Two iPhone 6 Models
One could be called the iPhone 6 with a display size no larger than 4.5-inches, and then they could cover the phablet market with a 5 to 6-incher. Feel free to leave your name ideas for the larger iPhone 6 phablet. So many spec rumors include the iPhone 6 releasing with a wraparound AMOLED screen with 3D, we could sit here all day long reeling off all the specifications but we will leave this one up to our readers.
Phones Review Says
When it comes to innovation we will stick our heads on the line and say Samsung will win this one, so far to date with all the recent releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 they have provided more innovative specifications. Apple has not really brought anything special to the table other than offering a fingerprint scanner and new colors. Apple will hands down win the marketing side of things; they seem to be better at advertising and marketing than Samsung. Can Apple surprise us and bring a whole new iPhone 6 that will shock us all, even shock Samsung fans?
Who do you think will hold the innovation win when it comes to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5?

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