Samsung Unveiled its New Smartphone Galaxy Grand 2

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In a recent announcement, Samsung launched its next in line smartphone, Galaxy Grand 2. It is the successor of the Galaxy Grand which was released earlier this year. This smartphone has many upgrades over its predecessor. Some of the upgrades include better performance, improved HD experience and many more exciting features.

Featuring a large 5.2 inch screen with 16:9 HD ratios, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the best for those who like reading ebooks, watching movies and playing games on their mobile phone. It gives amazing viewing experience to the users. This smartphone has multi window feature which allows users to run a single application on two different windows at the same time.

Dubbed as one of the best mobile phones, the Galaxy Grand 2 is powered by a quad core processor which clocks at 1.2 GHz. This smartphone is packed with a 2,600 mAh battery which provides long lasting battery life. It gives 17 hours of calling and 10 hours of playback time to users. This Samsung mobile phone offers dual SIM functionality which allows users to seamlessly switch between two SIM cards.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the best mobile phone which features 8 GB internal storage, 1.5 GB RAM and microSD expansion up to 64 GB. It runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean mobile operating system which offers fast and smooth performance. This Samsung mobile phone doesnt yet have LTE facility. Since Samsung has not yet confirmed the price of this mobile phone, users in India are hoping that it will be available at a moderate rate.
The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 mobile phone comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera featuring auto-focus and LED flash. It also houses a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera that can be used for video calling.
The Galaxy Grand 2 is listed among the best mobile phones with amazing connectivity features such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS/AGPS, 3G (HSPA+) and microUSB slot. This smartphone has dimensions 146.8x75.3x8.9mm and weighs around 163 grams. The amazing features provided by Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 mobile are making users in India to hope that it falls within their budget price. As of now, it is known that it will be available in colour variants such as pink, black and white. This feature-packed smartphone also comes pre-loaded with various apps like Samsung Hub, S Translator, Story Album, Group Play and S Travel.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specifications
5.2-inch HD TFT display with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels
1.2GHz quad-core processor
1.5GB of RAM
8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with autofocus and LED flash
1.9-megapixel front-facing camera
8GB inbuilt storage, which is further expandable up to 64GB via microSD card
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS/ AGPS, micro-USB and 3G (HSPA+)
163 grams
Samsung is still silent about the price for Galaxy Grand 2 mobile in India. When its predecessor, Galaxy Grand was released in January this year, it was priced at Rs. 21,500. This has led users in India to hope that Samsungs next mobile version would also be in the same price range. Only time can tell whether this Samsung mobile phone actually costs within Rs. 20,000.
 To Sum it all up:
Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy Grand 2 which features a large 5.2 inch HD TFT display and runs on the buttery smooth Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.
Author Bio:
Suraj is a tech geek, always on the move to know something more about gadgets that re-innovate the world, gadget and gizmos crazy. He writes for Croma Retail blog.

Tips on Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

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Since the number of people accessing internet vie their mobile devices is rapidly increasing, and is expected to continue to do so for some time to come, by not having a mobile optimized website you are turning away a huge number of potential visitors. This is to say that for the large majority of websites out there, there is really no good reason not to take this step and make their site available to the people on the go. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of tips that should help you provide your visitors with a smooth browsing experience.

Differentiate Between the Types of Optimization
Your mobile optimized website can come in one of three types:
  • Site with the same URL and same HTML that rely on CSS to recognize the device that is used to access it and respond with the appropriate version – responsive website
  • Site with the same URL, but differing HTML for different devices
  • Site with different URL for the two versions of the site, with the URL of the mobile version being prefixed with m.
From an SEO standpoint (and basically from most of the other possible standpoints as well) the first type is preferred, and should probably be your first choice.

Keep it Simple

You have to be aware of the mentality of the people using their mobile devices to access your site. While on the go, they are probably coming to your site in order to get some quick info, like the location of your business, your phone number, or something similar. If the visitor is not able to immediately see what they came for, they could easily become frustrated. That’s why your pages should only contain the relevant information, and present it a convenient manner. If possible, the visitor shouldn’t have to scroll to see the info they are searching for.

Refrain From Putting Too Much Pressure on the Hardware

Mobile devices are (still) not as powerful as most PCs, and they simply don’t support some features that PCs do, which is why you should make your site as ‘light’ as possible. That’s to say that you shouldn’t use too many images or videos and that you should refrain from using Java or Flash, which are not supported on all devices. Naturally, this will also benefit the visitors because of the lower bandwidth that they probably have to use while on the go.

Give People the Option of Visiting Your Full Site

Even though most mobile users want to just quickly check something on your website, there may be instances when they are interested in finding out more about you and browsing your full site. You should make it easy for them do so, both for their sake and yours.

Refrain from Using Pop-up Windows

As irritating as they are on PC, pop-ups area at least twice as nasty on mobile devices, where navigations is sketchy even in the ideal circumstances. Do your users and yourself a favor and don’t make them leave your site in frustration.
Ella Zeen is writer and explorer of the internet and newest trends in technology. Lately she is exploring various optimization techniques and online advertising .

Best Games for Nexus 7 2013 and 2012

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Nexus 7 is dominating the android tablet market. While many people prefer to use tablets for business purpose, there is a dedicated section who loves to play game of such device. In fact, we have compiled a list to provide most addictive games for Googlenexus 7 which you can install right away and enjoy the best of android world. There are an absolute ton of games available on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Previously, we shared few addictive must have apps for nexus 7 for new nexus 7 tablet owners. In this article I am going to show you 5 games that are free to download and will have you calling in sick to work, staying up late, and spending hours upon hours on your tablet.

Best Games for Nexus 7

Castle Clash

If you have ever played Age of Empires or any kind of RTS (real time strategy) game you’ll get totally lost in Castle Clash. What you do in this game is manufacture gold and mana. The gold allows you to build different buildings for your civilization; mana allows you to build troops to fight with. In this game you can attack other players, defend your castle, fight in areas with your heros, and explore caves.
castle clash for nexus 7
There are all kinds of upgrades that you can use for your civilization. For instance, you can build walls, towers, magic buildings, etc. to fight the way you want. So you could go the route of being a defensive civilization or an offensive civilization. There is so much to do in this game and you’ll find yourself getting lost in it for hours and hours.

PBA Bowling Challenge

If you like bowling or just need some time to kill, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in PBA Bowling Challenge. Obviously, this is an arcade style bowling game that has a lot of bowling balls to unlock. For example, there is a ball that you can unlock which is a “bomb ball”, what this does is blow up when it hits the pins which gives you a better chance of knocking down a lot of the pins.
pba bowling game for android
You can play this game online with your Google +1 account, play a solo campaign, and rank amongst the tops of the leaderboards. There are all kinds of achievements that you’ll need to unlock such as finishing a game with three strikes in order to unlock different stages, balls, and upgrades. It’s not just your average bowling game and has actually received a “editor choice” award from the Google Play marketplace.

Spartan Wars

Spartan Wars is another RTS game that allows you to build up “Spartan” armies and attack other players. What makes this game unique is the ability to join different alliances where you can interact with people to conquer other online players. You can control an unlimited army of swordsman, spearman, axemen, archers, calvery, etc. which all have their own special abilities. For instance, the archers would counter infantry units, and deal 30% more damage. The emphasis is networking with others online where you can send them troops and resources to help them out.
spartan wars game for nexus 7
While you’re attacking others it’s up to you to maintain your economy so that you can build more tower defenses, battering rams, resources, and upgrades to your civilization. What makes this game unique is you can acquire different gods which all have their own special abilities. For example, one god could make your calvary 50% stronger while another god could focus on boosting your gold, stone, food, and wood production by 50%.
It’s not all about just building up armies and crushing other people online. There are various campaigns which are played against the AI which are very challenging and can teach you the ends and outs of the games gameplay.

Tetris Blitz

Tetris has come along way since it’s beginnings over 20+ years ago. One of the most addicting games of all time. With Tetris Blitz you’ll certainly get your monies worth (which is free). The graphics are absolutely stunning and the actually quoted this game as “being the perfect mobile game.”
terris blitz game for nexus 7
There are so many upgrades in this game there is no way you’ll keep up with them all. Each week EA will add new “powerups” which will allow you to shatter your old high scores. One of the many upgrades is a laser powerup that will allow you to zap different polygons in order to clear some room.
You can enjoy playing with your friends online, campaign modes, and finish daily blitzes. This game has over 50k positive 5 star reviews on Google Play marketplace!

Dead Trigger

Shooters on tablets are like finding a needle in a haystack. They either don’t function correctly or feel like work playing them. With Dead Trigger you’ll find that this game works flawlessly, and is quite addicting. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s zombie mode this game should be right up your alley. Why? Because, the entire game relies on blowing zombies heads off! The idea behind this game is you have to kill zombies and millionss of them.
dead triggers game for nexus 7
Basically, the world plays as money has lost it’s value and millions of people have been infected by a virus. You are one of the few people that actually prepared for this problem and you can do something about it. What? Kill zombies and kill a hell of a lot of them! Great game that is highly addicting!
Hopefully, you enjoy the collection of top games for nexus 7. So what other games do you believe should be on this list? Please leave your comments down below.

What the Data Say About Instagram and Twitter

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Okay, let's get a couple of things out of the way. Within the last several years the popularity of social networking has grown with amazing rates not only because it’s appealing but as a result of people feeling the necessity to use it. You could think that young people misuse it but it’s essential in any case. Today only Google is larger than the standard social networking platforms. They've become where we have our news, keep in touch with friends and gather a lot of the advice we need in order to buy products online. The main problem is, there are numerous of them. Facebook is even now the King, though there is a massive competition between them and Twitter. Then there is Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and not to forget our old time favorite, YouTube.

Each platform has its own immense qualities and the time people spend on them totally worth it. But when we’re talking about business then you must decide which one of them will achieve financially viable fan base that would help you win more target customers. And therefore, today we ask the question, Instagram vs Twitter - where should you invest your time in building a fan base?

The two of these social media platforms are internet giants in their own rights. But sooner or later, one has to be better than the other, even if it's just in some aspects. So to help you choose which one would be better suited for your company ventures and marketing strategies, let us take a look at some statistics from both platforms. Obviously, what we can do is just give you an advice, the overall decision is in your hands.

Stats of Instagram

With the popularization of iOS app, you can now have Instagram both as web along with Android version. This impressing platform is on full steam ahead without showing any signs of slowing down. The infusion of Facebook’s pocketbook motivated the founders of Instagram to make it even larger. Much like YouTube where videos are shared daily, Instagram lets you share both pictures and videos with the rest of the world. Below you’ll find some statistics that may give you a vision on how big Instagram is for now.

·         Launched in October 2010, Instagram now has between 100 - 150 million active monthly visitors.
·         The amount of traffic that goes through Instagram daily is roughly, 7.3 million people.
·         So far, the number of photos that have been shared on Instagram is a staggering Sixteen Billion and it gets 40 million photos posted daily by users.

Now, to offer you an idea of just how much activity the website gets:

·         Amount of likes every second – 8500
·         Quantity of comments every second on Instagram – 1000
·         Per month each user spends about 257 min's on Instagram.
·         Greatest Instagram user base is between 18 - 29 year olds
·         The information show that women use Instagram more often than men, too

There might be a slight variation in these numbers as they’re all gathered not just from company reports but from other sources, too. But whatever the slight margin may be, you can clearly see just how big Instagram is. And now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it is only going to get bigger and better.

Statistics of Twitter

Everybody has learned about Twitter. And as the biggest competitor of Facebook, it disserves our great attention. Arguably second only to Facebook as far as social websites platforms go, Twitter has, over its 7 years of existence, transformed itself into an unstoppable force of connectivity. Many companies, Government offices, high profile people and common folks use Twitter on a daily basis to dispense the on-goings in the local community. Well, Twitter is not a source for lots of information today but it’s the best place where you can share your thoughts, opinions, product feedbacks, pictures or anything else. There are also sites that offer the option for you to Buy Twitter Followers Fast, in order to increase your online presence. Here are some statistics which will help you compare Twitter to Instagram, and make you realize how big the first platform is yet.

·         The total number of registered people in Twitter is 554,750,000
·         Number of people registering daily - 135,000
·         The standard number of tweets daily - Fifty-eight million
·         Amount of queries about Twitter on various search engines each day - 2.1 billion
·         Twitter has about A hundred ninety million unique visitors every month
·         And the amount of its active users monthly is 115 million
·         The percentage of individuals who simply watch others tweet - 40%
·         Volume of tweets every second - 9,100

Now considering these numbers you could make a parallel for the usage of the two websites. Mathematicians insist that numbers don't lie. Based on this data, Twitter stays on the top of the chart. But the issues are changing very fast and this is only for the moment. In fact, Instagram is only a young platform and doesn’t have the experience of Twitter yet. And besides, having been acquired by Facebook, you can only expect bigger and better things from this platform as Facebook's performance is something to go by. So the big question remains, Instagram vs Twitter - where will you invest your time in building a fan base?

The Summary

The answer can be both. To run an effective marketing strategy you should use each of them. Both of them have unique value and characteristics they bring to the table. While the power of Instagram is hidden in its simply visual function, Twitter involves smart wordplay. Instagram gives you a chance to present your products with the help of images and videos which people will certainly like. It has something to do with the ever fleeting interest spans
But one thing to consider is this, Twitter now has bigger numbers and the probabilities that somebody is going to tweet about whatever photo or video you just put up on Instagram as a company is very high. Twitter has 2.1 billion searches everyday on Google and 58 million tweets daily, so you must pay more attention to a platform like this. Like any businessman, you’ll need to know what people are saying about you in Twitter which has more than half a billion registered users till now. While browsing this social media, you’re actually doing a great marketing research for your firm. So, the verdict that you need both platforms for the marketing campaigns remains. The usage of these two social networks in a combination is the right solution for you. If you have any information or just need some additional advices, feel free to contact us at and we’ll show you the way to manage your social media accounts, so that you can build your social identity on the network and gain more target clients

Video Marketing – How to Do it Right

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Video can be a key part of your business strategy if used correctly. The benefits of this simple yet effective marketing tool have been clearly illustrated by viral YouTube videos, Vine videos and social media over the years. Not only are videos more likely to be ‘Liked’ and shared, videos also rank higher on main search engines and they can present your company information in a current, lively and interactive format. After all your efforts, you can then measure the success of a video through analytics. Interesting? Read on.
Successful case studies
Successful viral video campaigns have ranged from empowering messages from beauty companies to quirky advertisements for furniture distributors over recent years. Whatever the angle and whatever the product, each video managed to rack up millions of hits through innovation, trickery and a bit of humour. Here are just three successful campaigns to learn from.
Evian Babies – Evian took a risk with its roller skating baby advertisement, which gave a new definition to its slogan ‘Live Young’. While some negative points were made about the unusual campaign, overall, the risk paid off as it had all the right elements to go viral: humour, uniqueness and an on-brand message.
T-Mobile Dance – T-Mobile launched its lively dance themed campaign way back in 2009. The network chose to take advantage of a big trend at the time: flash mob. By using an ordinary setting and regular commuters rather than models or big names, the videos were relatable and light-hearted. This resulted in millions of ‘Likes’ and shares across social media sites.
‘Will it Blend?’ – Blendtec started its series of ‘Will it Blend’ videos back in 2007. These videos are a great example of how a smaller business can use this media format to skyrocket its following and market presence. The owner of Blendtec blenders even made it onto The View this year to showcase what his product can do. This campaign also highlights how a seemingly dull, everyday option can excite and interest through a little creativity.
Top tips:
Personality: Videos are the best way to inject some personality and character into your business. Whilst other visual aids, like infographics and memes, have a similar effect, videos allow even more creativity – as Blendtec demonstrated. Due to the large influx of fresh daily content online, your video needs to stand out in order to make a difference.
Business message: No matter how crazy and novel your videos get, always keep your company ethos and key messages running throughout your campaign. Some of the worst campaigns fail because they are disjointed.
Themes: A series of videos have historically made more of an impact than a single offering. Alongside unified company messages, key themes should run throughout the entire campaign, which may span many years. This is a great way to evolve your characters, strengthen jokes and generally take your customers on a personal journey.
Tutorials: Tutorials are an easy way to connect your audience to your products and to cut down calls to your customer services lines! Always listen to your consumers to optimise the content. Tutorials can also demonstrate your knowledge and specialist skills to build respect and trust.

Looking Forward To The iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy SV

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Tech geeks are an impatient bunch. Before a year is completed with their current smartphones – which they most probably eagerly looked forward to – they’re anticipating the next major release, the next “next big thing”. In this sense there are two next big things that will soon be with us: the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy SV. Since Apple and Samsung have for the past few years been locked in a gripping tug-of-war for the market’s fabled smartphone of the year crowns, anticipating who will win next year’s battle – if there even is a clear winner – makes for an entertaining pastime for tech geeks. Here is a look forward to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy SV.


Samsung have consistently won the design battle against Apple in regards to the Galaxy smartphones and iPhones. While the designs of both impending smartphones are yet to be released or even developed, it is clear that Apple have more work to do in order to pull something innovative out of the bag.

Complaints about the iPhone lacking any significant change in design direction were rife when the iPhone 5 was introduced to the public. The pressure is therefore on Apple to produce something completely innovative and different, while keeping hold of the iPhone’s essence.

Since the Galaxy series’ essence looks better than that of the iPhone, it will be easier for Samsung to produce a chic and innovative design without losing its character.


Of course, as important as design is, it doesn’t make the tech world go round. Specs on the other hand, make our planet spin. There are rumours that the Galaxy SV will feature a 5.3-inch OLED YOUM flexible display, an Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, 2Ghz Exynos, 3GB RAM, 16MP and 2MP cameras, oloephobic display coating, a 3200mAh battery and aluminum unibody.

However rumours are simply rumours, and there has also been talk of the Galaxy SV coming with the new Titan OS.

The iPhone 6 on the other hand is rumoured to be no longer than 4.5-inches, with Apple preparing to introduce a larger 6-inched phablet. The fingerprint scanner feature introduced in the 5S will most probably be developed further in the iPhone 6, which would be intriguing. The most intriguing and mouthwatering rumour however, and the one we most sincerely hope manifests into a feature is that of a wraparound AMOLED screen with 3D.

The relationship graphics and the entertainment we gain from devices is clearly fundamental. One only needs to look at the success of and the emphasis they put on the graphics of their products to understand this. Thus, it is here that a key part of the Galaxy SV versus iPhone 6 battle will take place.

Let The Battle Soon Commence
It is certainly true that Apple have their backs to the wall in regards to the Galaxy SV and iPhone 6 battle. Of all the Samsung vs Apple battles, this one seems to be the most significant and the one that could make or break either company’s market dominance and respect.

The tech world is an unforgiving one. A single major smartphone flop can ruin a brand and if the iPhone or Galaxy fails to impress next year, you can be sure to expect a large number of fans adopting a new favourite smartphone from a rival brand.

The design and specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be like the concept shown above, it could come featuring a 5.3-inch OLED YOUM flexible display, 2Ghz Exynos 5 Octa core processor, Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, 16MP and 2MP camera, 3GB RAM, oloephobic coating on the display, aluminium unibody just like the HTC One, as well as coming with quad surround speakers, glowing touch sensor home button and 3200mAh battery.
There are so many options Samsung could gear towards, one question stick out in our mind and that is “Should the Samsung Galaxy S5 come with Android 4.4 KitKat or the new Tizen OS?” It has been said the S5 could get released as early as Q1 2014; we will be keeping a close eye on this.
The iPhone 5S released with many new features with one of them being a fingerprint scanner, some say this is just a gimmick whilst others love it. The 5S also comes with a 64-bit processor but with the same iPhone 5 design. Apple really needs to lock themselves in a room and look at new ways to be innovative; the design most definitely needs to change. Apple should release two versions of the iPhone 6, they released the 5S and 5C so there is room for two new iPhone 6 smartphones.
Two iPhone 6 Models
One could be called the iPhone 6 with a display size no larger than 4.5-inches, and then they could cover the phablet market with a 5 to 6-incher. Feel free to leave your name ideas for the larger iPhone 6 phablet. So many spec rumors include the iPhone 6 releasing with a wraparound AMOLED screen with 3D, we could sit here all day long reeling off all the specifications but we will leave this one up to our readers.
Phones Review Says
When it comes to innovation we will stick our heads on the line and say Samsung will win this one, so far to date with all the recent releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 they have provided more innovative specifications. Apple has not really brought anything special to the table other than offering a fingerprint scanner and new colors. Apple will hands down win the marketing side of things; they seem to be better at advertising and marketing than Samsung. Can Apple surprise us and bring a whole new iPhone 6 that will shock us all, even shock Samsung fans?
Who do you think will hold the innovation win when it comes to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5?

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