Video Marketing – How to Do it Right

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Video can be a key part of your business strategy if used correctly. The benefits of this simple yet effective marketing tool have been clearly illustrated by viral YouTube videos, Vine videos and social media over the years. Not only are videos more likely to be ‘Liked’ and shared, videos also rank higher on main search engines and they can present your company information in a current, lively and interactive format. After all your efforts, you can then measure the success of a video through analytics. Interesting? Read on.
Successful case studies
Successful viral video campaigns have ranged from empowering messages from beauty companies to quirky advertisements for furniture distributors over recent years. Whatever the angle and whatever the product, each video managed to rack up millions of hits through innovation, trickery and a bit of humour. Here are just three successful campaigns to learn from.
Evian Babies – Evian took a risk with its roller skating baby advertisement, which gave a new definition to its slogan ‘Live Young’. While some negative points were made about the unusual campaign, overall, the risk paid off as it had all the right elements to go viral: humour, uniqueness and an on-brand message.
T-Mobile Dance – T-Mobile launched its lively dance themed campaign way back in 2009. The network chose to take advantage of a big trend at the time: flash mob. By using an ordinary setting and regular commuters rather than models or big names, the videos were relatable and light-hearted. This resulted in millions of ‘Likes’ and shares across social media sites.
‘Will it Blend?’ – Blendtec started its series of ‘Will it Blend’ videos back in 2007. These videos are a great example of how a smaller business can use this media format to skyrocket its following and market presence. The owner of Blendtec blenders even made it onto The View this year to showcase what his product can do. This campaign also highlights how a seemingly dull, everyday option can excite and interest through a little creativity.
Top tips:
Personality: Videos are the best way to inject some personality and character into your business. Whilst other visual aids, like infographics and memes, have a similar effect, videos allow even more creativity – as Blendtec demonstrated. Due to the large influx of fresh daily content online, your video needs to stand out in order to make a difference.
Business message: No matter how crazy and novel your videos get, always keep your company ethos and key messages running throughout your campaign. Some of the worst campaigns fail because they are disjointed.
Themes: A series of videos have historically made more of an impact than a single offering. Alongside unified company messages, key themes should run throughout the entire campaign, which may span many years. This is a great way to evolve your characters, strengthen jokes and generally take your customers on a personal journey.
Tutorials: Tutorials are an easy way to connect your audience to your products and to cut down calls to your customer services lines! Always listen to your consumers to optimise the content. Tutorials can also demonstrate your knowledge and specialist skills to build respect and trust.

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